Attached Staff

Health Visitor

Health Visitors are qualified nurses with specialist training in the health of children aged 0-5 years, which enables them to give health promotion advice on issues concerning parenting, minor parent and child ailments, contraception, post natal depression, domestic violence, housing and homelessness, benefits, disability, alcohol and drug misuse and child protection concerns.

The health visitors can be contacted directly on 0300 323 0118 and can arrange to see you at home or in the surgery.


Midwives from the Birthing Unit at Frome Community Hospital work with the doctors in providing care for all expectant mothers. In addition to running antenatal clinics, they work with the Health Visitors in helping to prepare couples for the birth and care of their baby. They supervise births in Frome Community Hospital and within the community and usually visit new mothers up until the baby is 10 days old.

The midwives can be contacted directly on 01373 454763.

District Nurses

District nurses are attached to the practice, undertaking a wide variety of nursing procedures for those who are too frail or too unwell to leave their homes. These include nursing assessments, dressings, injections, immunisations, blood tests and catheter care, as well as health promotion. They play an important role in the care of those with a terminal illness, life limiting conditions and complex health needs. The district nurses liaise with GPs, Dorothy House hospice carers and the wider multi-disciplinary team. Arrangements for a district nurse to visit are usually made through your doctor or by the hospital following discharge.

The district nurses can be contacted directly on 0300 323 0117 Monday – Friday 08:00-18:00.