Non-NHS Fees

These are standard prices for non-NHS services. It may be possible to negotiate these prices if a patient is having financial difficulty, or if we perform this service for a charity event and treat the fee as a donation to that charity, but this is entirely at the discretion of the partnership and, ideally, should be requested in advance.

We also would like to point out that all these prices are guidelines for standard, frequently encountered situations. Some may result in, possibly significant, increased costs if the situation warrants it. This, again, would be at the discretion of the partnership.

Simple Certificate – £16
(one or two simple questions)

Complex Certificate – £25 – £45
(short series of simple questions)

HGV Medical or similar medicals with certificates – £108
(ie half hour medicals)

GP hourly private rate – £185
Plus any travelling or otherwise additional expenses resulting from this request
(rate for writing reports with no requirement for a medical)

Extract from medical records – £5 – £50
Plus 50p per sheet, to a maximum of £50
(This is to recover admin time and the need for all information to be reviewed before it can be released in accordance with the Data Protection Act)

Blood Tests/Nursing Procedures – £25
Plus cost of procedure (eg any external lab costs)

Lasting Power of Attorney – £66
Plus travel expenses, etc, if necessary

Shotgun licences and passport forms will NOT be dealt with.