Asthma is a common condition that fortunately responds well to proper treatment and most people with the condition should therefore be able to live life without interference from symptoms. The key to this is understanding how to manage the condition and having appropriate treatment, so regular reviews to discuss symptoms and treatment are a very important part of living safely and well with asthma.

Patients with asthma should attend for regular check-ups, at least annually, to monitor treatment. This can be with the practice nurse or the doctor. Two of our nurses have asthma training and are able to assist the doctors in giving specific help and advice. They have a particular role in providing education about asthma to those newly diagnosed with the condition, as well as doing regular reviews.

If you are joining the practice and have asthma we suggest that you make your initial appointment with a GP, who can re-prescribe your regular medication and discuss further follow-up appointments with you.

Immunisation against Influenza (‘the ‘flu jab’) is important and it is recommended that if you have asthma you should have an annual ‘flu vaccine – please contact the surgery in September to arrange this. Information regarding the ‘flu vaccine can be found here.

We encourage all our patients with asthma to understand their condition for themselves and to be confident in managing it.

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