Regular diabetic check-ups are run at both Beckington and Fromefield by our diabetes nurses in conjunction with Dr Bruggers and Dr Tippin. If you are suffering from diabetes you will be reviewed annually and, for those taking insulin, twice a year. You are also invited annually for retinal photographs at Beckington Surgery to look for any effect the diabetes might have on the back of your eyes.

The aim of the review is to check how you are doing, to adjust our management and to prevent future complications. Because of the long term implications of diabetes we will not only look at current blood sugar control, but also check blood pressure and cholesterol. You will have a feet examination as part of the review and the blood test and urine test taken prior to the appointment will also give information about your kidney function.

Diabetes can affect people in a variety of ways, some patients are having no symptoms at all, others have a lot of physical and also emotional symptoms. It is not uncommon for people with chronic conditions like diabetes to suffer from depression.

Please speak to the nurse or doctor about any concerns you may have.

We are taking part in the National Diabetes Audit - more information is available here

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More information on Diabetes is available onNHS Choices and Diabetes.org.
You can find out if you are at risk of developing diabetes type 2 by using the risk calculator.