Midwives from the Birthing Unit at Frome Community Hospital work with the doctors in providing care for all expectant mothers. In addition to running antenatal clinics, they work with the Health Visitors in helping to prepare couples for the birth and care of their baby.

They supervise births in Frome Community Hospital and within the community and usually visit new mothers up until the baby is 10 days old. If you are pregnant, you can book in with the midwives via your GP or directly with the midwives.

The midwives can be contacted directly on 01373 454763.

Frome Birthing Unit is run by highly trained and experienced midwives, and expectant mothers who plan to deliver in Frome will have most of their antenatal care undertaken by Community Midwives. Those who are advised to deliver in the specialist unit in Bath will have some visits to the hospital antenatal clinic as well as care from the Midwife. Your Midwife will usually arrange a booking appointment at about 8-10 weeks into the pregnancy.

Routine pregnancy tests are not available under the NHS.