Many medical examinations, for example for HGV licences and for pre-employment, are not paid for by the NHS. Some insurance forms appear deceptively simple but need a full medical examination for their completion. Examinations of this nature take time so please tell the Appointments Receptionist why you are coming. The fee due is payable by the patient at the time of the examination. Examinations for life insurance companies will also need a special appointment, but the fee in this case is usually payable by the company concerned.

The following are examples of non-NHS services which attract payment:

Medical Examinations
eg PSV/HGV licence, fitness to attend private school, to travel or to undertake sporting activity.

eg Freedom from infection, holiday cancellation insurance, seat belt exemption, for sports regulatory bodies, travel fitness, vaccination, private sick note.

Provident Association and insurance claims (eg. BUPA, PPA), private sick notes.

Accident/sickness insurance, requests for copies of medical notes under the Data Protection Act, employment medical, holiday cancellation insurance.

As a guide, any written report or form can take up to four weeks to process, longer for complex reports. Our administration team will contact you if required and when the report has been completed.

Providing certificates or letters concerning absence from school, illness during examinations and absence from examinations is not part of the NHS duties of a GP and should not normally be required by the school. If a school or college still requires these, they can be provided as a private service for which a charge is payable.

A list of current charges is available here.