Training Practice

The practice has been approved as a Training Practice, Dr Rob Tippin and Dr Kate Wooding have responsibility for the teaching and training of GP Registrars, assisted by the whole practice team.

A GP registrar/trainee is a qualified doctor who already has hospital experience and who is now undertaking speciality training for general practice. Whilst they are with us, they are always working under the supervision of a fully trained GP. They will usually see you by themselves but will seek further advice from the supervising GP where needed. We sometimes video consultations as this is very useful for training doctors and improving consultation skills. You will always be informed and asked to give your written permission for this. You are free to decline.

We also have visiting medical students from Bristol University at the practice for short placements under the supervision of Dr Rob Tippin or Dr Matthew Bailey. They may be sitting in on surgeries that you attend. You will normally be advised by the receptionist when you arrive if a medical student is going to be present. If you do not wish for a student to be present during your consultation, please make this clear to the receptionist or doctor and your wish will always be respected.